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The five-time All-NBA player discusses how point guards and big men have reversed roles.
“There’s so much revenue generated on the TV side now.”
Click below to watch Hill's take on Jahlil Okafor and the one-and-done rule. Click below to watch Hill discuss Bryant's longevity
In our weekly "Love Of The Game" series, HuffPost Black Voices talks sports with a person of note. This week we caught up
Oh, who wouldn't love that? Quincy Jones is a living legend. Anytime he calls me, I'm there. But also in life there are so
By standing up for who he is, Don Lemon will help to placate the fears of other black gay men and lesbians who are waiting to do the same.
The short clip features Avery looking into the camera and proclaiming, "I’m Sean Avery and I’m a New Yorker for marriage
Hours before five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant uttered an anti-gay slur during a basketball game Tuesday, NBA players Grant Hill and Jared Dudley entered the US Airways Center in Phoenix to serve as role models of a very different kind.
After the Phoenix Suns lost 97-94 to the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday night, Suns guard Grant Hill had an altercation with a
As a Duke fan, I've become quite familiar with Duke Hating. But what's increasingly disconcerting is the racial element that often seems to be at the heart of antipathy toward Duke.
In today's bizarro world, too many of the privileged -- sensitive to the slightest slights -- believe that they should never have to feel anything but pride and self-satisfaction about their station in life.
A college basketball war of words saw another day when Grant Hill responded yesterday in an op-ed to Jalen Rose's comments referring to Hill as an "Uncle Tom."
With less than a month to go before early voting opens, New Orleans mayoral candidate James Perry scored an endorsement from the NBA's Grant Hill, an All-Star with the Phoenix Suns.
At age 36, Grant Hill is the seventh oldest player in the league, yet he did not miss a single regular season game. That's not impressive. It's remarkable.