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With so many new fruit IPAs out this summer, it's surprising there isn't a shortage of grapefruits. Or maybe it isn't, since most of these beers don't use whole fruit or even have any fruit sugars in them. Fruit peel, zest, or extracts are most commonly used, and create a fruity aroma reminiscent of those exotically-flavored seltzers, but do little for the body and taste of the beer.
Why it's time to embrace tart.
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I'm no stranger to a happy hour menu and my go-to drink is definitely a margarita!
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If you've been to Florida but you haven't picked your own citrus, you're missing one of the oldest tourist traditions in central Florida. It's a memorable activity the whole family can enjoy and makes for beautiful pictures. Think of it as the "other" side of the Animal Kingdom.
Every tree in the world participates in many biological processes, but the most notable one is photosynthesis: Tree leaves absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, mix it with water, convert it into sugar using the sun's energy and give off oxygen as a by-product.
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There's a fantastically wide array of them, too -- so many that we're taking two weeks to cover them all.
"Half of these drugs actually can cause sudden death," Bailey said, adding that interactions may also result in "acute kidney
Citrus season is here and while oranges and clementines definitely pack a health punch, it's time to make some room for grapefruit.
2012-03-02-Screenshot20120301at7.02.06PM.jpgLearning to tweak and enhance just a few ingredients and flavor combinations can help you transform those ordinary ingredients into the extraordinary!