New Year's celebrations around the world vary from smashing plates to dressing up as bears.
An electric blue Spanish wine is coming stateside. Would you drink it?
The grapes are the size of ping pong balls and "very sweet."
Some of the vineyards are very steep, and we climb up them to get to the site of a picnic lunch.  Along the way you see how
#6 Bananas A three-ounce serving of bananas contains 10.1 grams of sugar, with 76 calories, making it among the most calorie
The succulent fennel-roasted apples make every bite of this autumn salad a true celebration of fall's bounty.
Diet as a whole affects health -- profoundly -- but eating the latest fad miracle fruit, sensationalized by the media, is not likely to make much of a difference. Sorry, but shortcuts are improbable.
Attilio Poli is standing tall in the asphalt drive of his back yard. He's gazing at his fig trees and grapevines, but there's a faraway look in his eyes that takes him all the way to Venice.
It's time to celebrate one of fall's less appreciated fruits: the grape.
Here is your guide to Germany's 13 wine regions, including some of the most famous vineyards, must-see sights, and wine-related events.
You might be surprised to know that balsamic vinegar was first used as a tonic after meals. Today, balsamic is a featured culinary treasure. Here are some creative ways to incorporate this nectar into you diet.
Even at the best farmers' markets you'll only find a handful of different types of "table grapes."
L'And Vineyards, located in Portugal's Alentejo region, opened last spring right around the time its very first vintage hit the market.
When I come home tired from work I could go to a restaurant or get take out, but that could mean a very long wait at a restaurant. Whenever I happen to fall into this type of scenario I always make my trusted go-to meal, tuna salad with left over rice or pasta
When the cool weather approaches, it's time to celebrate autumn fruits like crisp apples and sweet, succulent pears. Our