A viral tweet repeating an old wives' tale about brooms only standing up on their own one day of the year has been disproven by an astronaut.
The first-ever photo of a black hole had a strong gravitational pull toward comedy.
The Olympic legend Usain Bolt challenged the laws of science with a speedy race in a zero gravity plane.
"After we finish with gravity," Ryan promises, "We're going to repeal the law of unintended consequences. I hope nothing
Once you have the right key, you use it in your promotional vehicles. You communicate your key to your lock using traditional References:
Like most women, I can't help but notice the parts of myself that have slumped and sagged as I've aged. The bags under my eyes now have over-night valises of their own. The veins in my legs and on the backs of my hands are starting to show through in blue. But do I mind? Not really.
Women have been the stars of many of our biggest sci-fi films recently. This has been a very welcome development - but we need more women behind the camera as creators of sci-fi, as well.