Gray Davis

His mother recounted the "disturbing" scene and "brave" rescue on Facebook.
Sometime allies Governors Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger joined forces again Wednesday at the California Museum in Sacramento to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Schwarzenegger's signing of California's pioneering omnibus climate change legislation.
As it happens, the 2006 AB 32 omnibus framework legislation signed by Schwarzenegger clearly continues well into the middle
Trump's supporters point to Ronald Reagan's signing (as governor) liberalized abortion into California law. But Reagan's
There already was a disconnect between many of the long-time leaders of Christian political activism like Farris along with
Under Bill Clinton and again under George W. Bush, some Republicans on the House Banking Committee objected, in writing. But
Brown introduced another mostly well-reviewed California state budget on Thursday. It's an interesting if hardly unexpected
Once the cheering, perhaps as much a matter of relief for at last having the beginnings of a real agreement as anything else, dies down, a process of years-long pressuring, prodding, chivvying, and inspiring will take place. Or, perhaps better put, it had damn well better take place if this planet is going to remain habitable for humanity.
There is some very good news and some very bad news about the current United Nations Climate Summit in Paris.
As long as people are using oil -- and even with Brown's target of cutting use in half by 2030, we'll be using a lot of oil -- why not have California reap the economic rewards?