Gray's Anatomy

Independent abortion clinics are small businesses, and as their owners age, they’re struggling to pass on what they’ve built.
“What the events in Charlottesville did was confirm that this was the right thing to do,” said Lexington Mayor Jim Gray.
The 5,940 square-foot home has five fireplaces, a wine room and an oval inset ceiling in the formal dining room. It sits
Spalding Gray was a unique, insightful and entertaining performer, who found ways to turn his life into his art. It's only fitting that that his life is told in his own words in And Everything is Going Fine.
The new self-titled album by the Dixie Chick's Emily Robison and Martie Maguire -- otherwise known as Court Yard Hounds -- reflects a new direction for the pair while maintaining a sensitivity to their former brand of music
It was John Gray's turn at the Guardian Hay festival yesterday. He was here to re-plug last year's anthology Gray's Anatomy