great bear rainforest

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Great Bear is one of the last temperate rainforests on the planet.
Miley seemed to fall in love with all the sights and creatures we saw, and we all had great fun learning and singing -- loudly -- some Native songs. Several times during our trip, Miley told us it was the best day of her life. For a gal who's been around the world, that's saying something.
If you visit Canada's Great Bear Rainforest -- and you should -- you'd be lucky to have Ian McAllister as your guide. His knowledge of the world's largest remaining coastal temperate rainforest is unparalleled, and his passion for conserving it is contagious.
On tonight's episode of PBS's EARTH A New Wild, host M. Sanjayan travels deep into some of the most spectacular forests on the planet, from uncharted areas of the Amazon to the jungles of Sumatra. But this isn't your typical nature documentary. Tonight's episode demonstrates that in forests around the world, nature and people can thrive together.
The six of us stood shooting photos and watching the female bear pull berries off the bushes. The bear stood on her hind legs to pull the berry branches closer to her mouth.
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Neither albino nor polar bear, the spirit bear (also known as the Kermode bear) is a white variant of the North American
After a long tough winter, many grizzlies, black bears, wolves and cougars are girding themselves for the onslaught of "sportsmen" wielding high-powered rifles in search of "trophies."