great dane

"Congrats to the momma dog," the staff of Arizona's Kingman Animal Hospital wrote.
The 6-year-old dog was found by police tied up with no food or water in sight. Its former owners have been charged with ill treatment of animals.
Photographing children, especially children so young, comes with it's own unique set of challenges that have to be cleverly
My beautiful Great Dane Napoleon has been with us for 18 months now, and in an attempt to see how to keep him happy and healthy, I have learned quite a bit that I wanted to share if you are considering a giant breed.
The clip, which was uploaded earlier this month, has gone viral with more than a whopping 40 million views and more than
Meinert took Pegasus home about a year and a half ago. Pegasus was sick at the time, with diarrhea and skin allergies, among
We can't tell if this Great Dane puppy is pouncing on the Frisbee in joy, or sheer frustration. Either way -- and despite
H/T: The Daily Edge You knew it wasn’t right from the start. The bed is too small, your big, doofy body too big. But what
Some dogs have a hard time communicating their emotions, but not Abby Doo the Great Dane. Watch the video above to see her