great danes

Weird News
Kora the Great Dane just wouldn't budge from her 20-foot high perch.
When Spike the cockatoo saw that his canine companions here hungry, he knew there was only one thing to do: throw them a
In one study, Great Dane puppies that were free-fed a diet high in energy and minerals, or a diet high in calcium, developed
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A dog named Burke has rightfully earned the title of man's best friend. After an allegedly intoxicated truck driver crashed into an Idaho home last week, the black Great Dane is believed to have followed his owner to the hospital.
Good News
Peekaboo! Where are you? Oh, you're there. Wait, now you're there? We see you! Now we don't. This Great Dane is way too good
Mondays, amiright? This great dane needs just five more minutes. Via Tastefully Offensive
Usually it's cats who get the bad rap for being a little more scaredy than the rest of us, but dogs aren't immune to fear
After spending nine months waiting at home while his owner served in the military, Emmitt Thunderpaws the Great Dane is understandably
Meet man's best--and biggest--friend. When Dave and Christie Nasser chose their blue Great Dane pup from a litter of 13, they
After a robbery, two men mistook the powder in the urn and the container they stole for cocaine... and allegedly snorted the ashes of the woman's father and her two Great Danes.