Great Expectations

I notice the difference immediately after my most casual face-to-face social revelation of the "number" -- even if it is merely a reminder to my friends and my children. The change in expression is immediate, and the processing in the receiver's brain, while subliminal, is obvious.
One wonders how Frederic Henry would handle the job of evacuating wounded from Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan, 85 years after he was deployed to the World War One Italian front as an ambulance driver, by Ernest Hemingway, in A Farewell to Arms.
According to McElroy, the man captured on the video is 24-year-old Enrique Arochi, a high school classmate of her daughter
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"High culture became more accessible, popular culture became more ambitious, until the distinction between them vanished
Timidity doesn't honor God. There, I said it. I've given a lot of thought to how often followers of Christ find themselves - or more accurately, place themselves - in the role of victim.
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The Goldfinch--both the Donna Tartt novel and the 17th century masterpiece by Fabritius--is much in the news lately, the
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Dickens, a fierce critic of the Victorian class system and the treatment of the poor, marries social realism to sentimentality here. It succeeds in this crisp rendition because Scrooge's ethical awakening isn't forced.
I just finished reading what I believe is the novel of the year -- The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.
Because nobody is narrating Miley's life, I think that now is an appropriate time to begin asking, "Did Miley ever have a moment where she decided she was no longer going to be a role model?"
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It's interesting that "Great Expectations" has been far removed from virtually all early Oscar buzz. The classic Charles
Great Expectations, the television miniseries made in 2011, was one of those few, rare films which I enjoyed as much as the book. Dicken's storytelling has a quality that cannot be put on screen, but the main characters were cleverly translated.
On this week's episode of Thug Notes, Sparky Sweets, PhD discusses J.D. Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye, analyzing the
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Rupert Everett has just won an award for playing Oscar Wilde in David Hare's melancholy play, The Judas Kiss, at the Duke of York's, and it's not difficult to reckon why.
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ABC and The CW found themselves in a similar situation last development season. Both networks ordered shows based on "Beauty
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Wait until Mulder gets a peek at THIS neckline...