great lakes

Hundreds of schools canceled classes in Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota, where the governor closed state offices in much of the state for a second day.
"I support the Great Lakes" with their "record deepness," the president said at a Michigan rally.
Conservationists say the decision could help save other imperiled wildlife.
Want to keep drink clean water? The EPA Administrator doesn’t care. Scott Pruitt wants to remove protections on one third of America’s drinking water. But even some Republican lawmakers think he’s going to far.
Proposed cuts to a number of federal programs would make efforts to fight toxic algal blooms more difficult.
Democrats in Congress urged the EPA chief not to close the agency's Region 5 office.
It wasn't so long ago that the waters were so foul they could actually catch fire.
The amount of plastic that enters Lake Michigan alone each year is equivalent to 100 Olympic-sized pools full of plastic bottles, a study finds.
Doorae Shin and Joy Waters, VegFest Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. A free event addresses health and environmental issues while
The prior appropriation theory developed in the western U.S. where natural water was scarce. It is called a "usefructory
While the fundamental causes of coastal algal blooms are well understood, there is considerable uncertainty about the details
Clearly, the world can't end extreme poverty without better tackling these challenges. Our work in 29 of the world's poorest
Clean air, clean water, cleaner energy and fewer toxics are important values shared by all Chicagoans. This Earth Day, let's be proud of our progress, and let's seize opportunities to advance a cleaner, greener and safer community that works for all.
As the vice president of environmental quality at Shedd, Allen was well-positioned to observe the Great Lakes Commission