great white shark

"We don't really expect to see these white sharks staying together, but Simon and Jekyll — they seem to be buddies."
One of the attacks was captured on video by a local resident — who watched a great white shark bite a seal in half.
“One of the things I still fear [is] ... that sharks are mad at me for the feeding frenzy of crazy sports fishermen that happened after 1975,” said the filmmaker.
Great white shark carcasses have been washing up off the coast of South Africa with their livers and sometimes hearts removed.
A cage-diving expedition off Mexico's Guadalupe Island discovered the chomper-challenged predator.
"I did what anyone would have done," he said. "The shark was latched onto her leg. I just jumped into the water."
Officials praised heroic fellow surfers who fought the shark and tried to save the victim.
He was pronounced dead at the scene on a beach in Santa Cruz County.
Singer and guitarist Paul Stanley told The Associated Press. “Since we’re going to be in Australia, it gives a whole new meaning to doing a concert down under.”
Reeling in a striped bass turned scary and spectacular in Cape Cod Bay over the weekend.