The president accused the New York governor of having a "total meltdown" for his remarks questioning America's greatness.
Evangelicals and Trump use the Bible to oppress others and call it "greatness."
Nobody saw me when I crawled into my closet to pray to God. Nobody knew when I cried because he didn't answer and I wondered if he heard my cry. Nobody saw me. Not one. But, God did.
The good news is, at any moment in time, we have the ability to start taking action toward creating the life we want. Here are five steps to get started:
Manifesting means co-creating with the universal field to attract experiences, people or things into your life by sending out your unique electromagnetic signal and taking action based on our mindset and beliefs.
I just keep thinking, what could I achieve -- what could my team achieve -- if we approached work and approached life with that quote in mind? What could we accomplish if we felt that in order to be alive; we had to live our dreams?
Instead of asking "What can I get from this?" or "How can I compete?", ask "What contribution can I be and receive here?" Your
Let the brag fest begin! If you're unhappy or resentful in your current situation, I can guarantee that it's carrying over
Great art is the product of years of immersion in one's chosen field.
6) Are you a "name-dropper"? 8) Do you place yourself on a certain level above others? If you answered "yes" to any of these
I was reminded on this past Father's Day that no one will live forever here on earth. There will indeed come a time when we will all pass away. The importance and significance of this moment is that I am yet alive.
To become abundantly successful and fulfilled master fear and let it make you stronger than you were before. Fear is designed to raise your desires to higher standards. When you understand that the intention behind this emotion is your personal evolvement, you can use it to develop the resilience necessary to increase your capacity to thrive in life.
I am a cross country runner. After reading that, half of you are cringing. The other half (the half that are runners too) are questioning how serious a runner I really am, because that is the competitive nature of us cross country runners.
What if every challenge was not being done to you, but for you -- in order to facilitate a resurgence of energy and a spurt of growth. The truth is, the greatest light, the greatest moment of clarity, the greatest ascent, is always preceded by darkness and by challenge.
Let’s say someone wants to learn to build a cabinet. Imagine that person being encouraged to read a number of books about
Powerful people live in a healthy way and courageously embrace challenges. They connect the dots of life to bring together purpose, partnership, and power to inspire others. Check out these things that powerful people don't do so that you can become even more powerful.
Having come to a place in my career now that could be considered success, I've realized that success isn't for me. Now, before you write me off, let me explain.
The greatest ideas start with a simple thought, start with a simple comment made. The greatest opportunities start with a connection made, a discussion had. The greatest relationships start with a handshake, a comment.
What I see time and time again is that no matter how women leaders demonstrate their value, whether it be in the workplace, with our families or in our communities, we tend to diminish and undervalue our contributions.