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On April 23rd, 2010, Prime Minister George Papandreou issued an announcement: "It is absolutely necessary that we make a formal request to our partners to activate the support mechanism we and the other members of the EU have created together."
The country's president will set a date for early elections.
ATHENS -- Five years after the first bailout was issued, Greece remains in crisis. Animosity among Europeans is at an all-time high, with Greeks and Germans, in particular, having descended to the point of moral grandstanding, mutual finger-pointing, and open antagonism. This toxic blame game benefits only Europe's enemies. It has to stop. Only then can Greece -- with the support of its European partners, who share an interest in its economic recovery -- focus on implementing effective reforms and growth-enhancing policies.
The fiscal adjustment we have accomplished was done much less through reform, i.e. reorganizing the management of our country, public sector and economy, and more through cuts and taxes. However this has placed an inordinate burden on the middle class, it has created an army of young unemployed and many households are under the poverty line.
ATHENS -- Syriza's new geopolitics have won it many friends in Moscow. Moscow reciprocated to the Greek government's statements opposing the embargo by praising Greece for its "democratic attitude," while Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov immediately invited his Greek counterpart to Moscow.
BERLIN -- Not long ago, German politicians and journalists confidently declared that the euro crisis was over; Germany and the European Union, they believed, had weathered the storm. Today, we know that this was just another mistake in an ongoing crisis that has been full of them. The latest error, as with most of the earlier ones, stemmed from wishful thinking -- and, once again, it is Greece that has broken the reverie.
If Greece does leave the euro, the financial markets will react out of fear the eurozone could break up. Yet financial markets
The internal political situation is highly polarized between political forces playing with fear and insecurity and others capitalizing on anger and despair. This inflates extreme right and left populism. Much irresponsible and opportunistic rhetoric abounds. This polarization is squeezing out moderate left of center forces that historically have been fundamental in promoting democracy and reforms in Greece.
After years of austerity measures, this weekend's projected winner, opposition party Syriza, has promised to confront the
Supporters of Alexis Tsipras, leader of Greece's Syriza party, attend his pre-election speech at Omonia Square in Athens
By Deepa Babington Another survey, by Rass for, had Syriza, which has been pledged to renegotiate Greece's
Speaking before Monday's decisive round in the election of a successor to head of state Karolos Papoulias, Samaras said a
ANKARA, June 25 (Reuters) - Turkey said on Monday it had no intention of going to war with anyone after one of its jets was
Papoulias resolved a similar deadlock six months ago by naming technocratic former central bank governor Lucas Papademos