greece protests

"The measures will be a tombstone for growth prospects."
Violence and abuse of power by the police is not confined only to Greece or the U.S. It's a global phenomenon.
Golden Dawn is Greece's third most popular party and the most visible symptom of discontent over state corruption and a deep
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Outside parliament, loud booms rang out as protesters hurled petrol bombs and police responded with teargas and stun grenades
Greek protesters gave Angela Merkel an ice cold welcome in Athens on Tuesday, and some demonstrators went pretty far to express
Of course, the German chancellor is just the latest in a long line of female politicians to face heightened scrutiny for
Ties between the two countries run deep. Thousands of Greeks came to Germany there after World War Two as "guest workers
"We can't take it anymore - we are bleeding. We can't raise our children like this," said Dina Kokou, a 54-year-old teacher
From the Associated Press: As tens of thousands gathered in front of the Greek parliament in Athens to protest, angry gangs
In Egypt, thousands of demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square defied a brutal regime crackdown and toppled longtime leader
Parliament may claim that austerity has saved the country from a certain trip to Hades, but average Greeks would almost rather
I did not take an impromptu trip to Greece to assume the role of embedded journalist. I just wanted to take my first real vacation and climb Mt. Olympus to high-five Zeus.
"All of these people are extremely angry at the austerity measures that the government is desperately trying to push through
Given that the Greeks invented democracy, it's only fitting that they're now being given the chance to reinvent it. As I found out during my trip to Greece last week, those really are the stakes.
The vast majority of the diverse crowd -- which included union workers, political party members, pensioners, and a wide array
By George Georgiopoulos The Syntagma Square rallies, organised through Facebook, so far have been peaceful, more festive
Already struggling to avoid a debt default that could seal Greece's fate as a financial pariah, this Mediterranean nation