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Salt has various uses across the world, some more known than others. Various ocean products have been uses for centuries
As I was walking around Amvrosies, high on a mountain on the island of Andros, all my senses were awakened. The sound of flowing water from streams and waterfalls was pervasive.
I can only wonder whether instead, we need people who are good managers more so than those who know how to play the game of politics -- i.e. kinda lying, kinda negotiating, kinda compromising, kinda forgetting morals in the process.
"After everything people said, we preferred to err on the side of caution and bring cash," the older daughter said. "We’ve
The battle ahead for Greece is only beginning against a giant who seems to have grown too big for his own boots. In the meantime, the strongest weapon in this battle and the healthiest component of the Greek economy, tourism, is being badgered by its own.
The word "diakopes" (holidays) in Greek means "to stop" -- to leave the quick paced, oblivious-to-everything lifestyle behind and take in the aromas, the air, the sounds, the feeling... to really experience.
Cephalonia is a sun-kissed destination, where nature and bird lovers, visitors eager for cultural experiences, honeymooners or third age people seeking privacy at a tranquil beach to cherish the sun, can spend a relaxed, carefree holiday with lots of interesting experiences.
The murder of Nathan Cirillo came a day after an attack on two Canadian soldiers by a convert to Islam, and the subsequent
In his early twenties, a young man from Switzerland arrives on the Greek Aegean island of Sifnos one May, trying, at once, to discover the colors of nature and, at the same time, his own personal colors.
In an effort to offer a helping hand to our girl, we've gathered a few photos to show what she's in for on a Greek holiday
With the heavenly winds or "meltemia" of the Aegean Sea and Saronic Gulf providing cool evenings, Athens is transformed into a magical paradise, enabling one to gaze at the illuminated Acropolis and take in all its architectural perfection as it stands guard over its admirers.
By Michelle Martin and Victoria Bryan Asia Pacific is seen recording the biggest increase in visitor numbers this year, with
Days after the election, reservations slumped by 50 percent. A repeat election on June 17 that may determine Greece's future
"This has taken a toll on mainland resorts. You won't set out to a resort if you're not sure if you can fill up your gas
Road closures, worker strikes and the riots that rocked Athens recently have all led up to what Greece is fearing will be