Greek austerity

The IMF is objecting to a plan that has the support of Greece’s business community and the European Commission.
CORFU, Greece -- The opportunity now is to leverage German overreach against itself, like in judo, to flip the agenda of building Europe's future toward a broader approach beyond sovereign debt and the euro.
True statesmanship is finding the courage and having the intelligence to be wise without experiencing tragedy -- to see the big picture, to acknowledge the right of the other side, to craft space for compromise. Can Eurozone leaders live up to that challenge?
BRUSSELS -- The feeling of belonging to Europe might make the difference. It might lead a majority of Greeks to accept another austerity program, and prevent Greece from repeating Argentina's tragedy.
ATHENS -- Our government cannot -- and will not -- accept a cure that has proven itself over five long years to be worse than the disease.
Indeed, the party leads by a wide margin. Syriza enjoys the support of 47.8 percent of Greeks, according to a survey conducted
The multiple admonishments between Athens and its increasingly hardline partners in Europe in recent days are out of place -- even as part of a high-stakes game testing contrasting approaches to dealing with Greece's bulging debt.
The Greek economy is going to grow next year because of a significant policy reversal. The fiscal tightening is basically coming to an end. Why is this so important? Because the people who supported the policy of the last four years will, when the Greek economy begins to recover, claim that the "austerity worked." But even the IMF's own analysis refutes this claim.
ATHENS, April 17 (Reuters) - Greek police were hunting three foremen on Thursday who were suspected of shooting and wounding
While the Greek Parliament is preparing to vote on a third round of austerity measures this week, Giorgos Kasimatis, one of Greece's foremost constitutional scholars, argues that these measures are not only destructive but illegal.
ATHENS, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Dozens of angry Greek parents handed over their children to bewildered officials on Wednesday in
Days after the election, reservations slumped by 50 percent. A repeat election on June 17 that may determine Greece's future
In a new video from the Harvard Kennedy School, lecturer Richard Parker explains some of the lessons we should take from
Papoulias resolved a similar deadlock six months ago by naming technocratic former central bank governor Lucas Papademos
ATHENS, April 11 (Reuters) - A former Greek minister was arrested on Wednesday on money laundering charges, in the most high
Last week, the Greek government passed new austerity measures, making even deeper cuts to the country's public sector. Thousands of Greek citizens have taken to the streets to protest the plans.
In a separate incident, a 55-year-old man set himself on fire outside a Greek bank after failing to renegotiate the debts
Lawmakers backed drastic cuts in wages, pensions and jobs on Sunday as the price of a 130 billion euro ($170 billion) bailout