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There are so many difficulties that people have to face in Greece that are sometimes surreal.
And it appears President Obama will visit Greece on November 15 and 16. He might want to skip Greece's annual "I hate America
“Our effort to exit the crisis becomes more complicated because this decision disrupts our economy,” says one Greek politician.
Greece needs to become identified with a term other than the crisis, with one or more words that would signal recovery and reconstruction.
Greece finally passed its long awaited package of reforms, which follows the usual pattern. The Parliament was all too happy to raise taxes and social security contributions, but pension reform and the sale of NPLs is much less clear.
I noticed that I was surrounded by people who were at their most productive age, and who had no dreams for their future at all, not because they had chosen that, but because some people decided so for them, without them.
This will be part of our pitch for Greece-based venture capital. The rest is track record, pipeline, and team. ___________ Aristos
Every morning when I walk my dog, fortunate enough to live in one of the more affluent suburbs of Athens, I see, without fail, an old person searching through the garbage. Sometimes there is more than one, at different bins.
Crowdfunding could be one way forward for a more stable Greece, whether or not the current bailout deal works. We could just sit and wait and hope for Greece's policymakers, other world leaders and the troika to figure things out - or we could take control.
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In the midst of Greece's economic turmoil teens are growing up faster and forming their own political opinions.
Despite the financial crisis in Greece, there are many aspects of Greece that are not in crisis such as the beauty of its environment, food, history, culture and the hospitality of its people.
ATHENS, Greece (AP) ― Greek lawmakers launched a late-night debate Wednesday on further reforms demanded by international
Lately there have been several well-meaning articles inviting and urging readers to help Greece by buying Greek products or planning a vacation in Greece. My answer is this: We would rather you visit Greece and buy Greek products because you like them, not out of pity.
Yet many of the Albanians returning home said they would keep going to Greece because, even if things were bad there, they