Greek Life

The University of Southern California alum got the people going with songs from Kanye West and "Eye of the Tiger."
It's just the latest group to announce a venue change due to Florida's political climate.
The controversial film provides an eye-opening look into sorority rush week at the University of Alabama.
Students told police they were exposed to Rohypnol, a sedative that’s commonly known as “roofies."
“I wanted to take this issue outside of the confines of Greek life, and I wanted to show the scope of it,” said filmmaker Byron Hurt.
"Where my childhood had been spent hiding the fact that I was different, joining the sorority allowed me to celebrate being Asian."
Stone Foltz, a 20-year-old business major at Bowling Green State University, died after an incident involving alcohol, his family's attorney said.
Terry Reynolds II, 21, faces felony and misdemeanor charges after the student was hospitalized with severe alcohol poisoning.
Dylan Hernandez, 19, reportedly attended a frat event the night before he was found unconscious in his dorm room.
Swarthmore College student organizers are feeling the fallout after leading protests that forced the only two fraternities on campus to disband.