greek yogurt recipes

Rather than using a whole-milk Greek yogurt making your own yogurt is a better alternative. It won't taste like a sheep's milk yogurt, of course, but it will be thick and rich flavored, two very important elements in Greek cooking.
Creamy, tart and protein-packed: Greek yogurt, we love you.
Check out the infographic below for some standout ideas from the rest of the planet on how to dress your corn up. Courtesy
Despite their less than perfect look, the peanut butter and blackberry combo was the bigger hit.
There’s no ignoring America's ever-growing obsession with yogurt, particularly that of the Greek variety. In just a few short
I wasn't surprised when Greek yogurt became so wildly popular. It was about time that the world discovered what my yiayia, and fellow Greeks, always knew. Nothing beats a bowl of Greek yogurt!
Fruit? Been there. Granola? Done that. Chocolate chips? Cereal bits? Honey? Check. Check. Check. We're talking breakfasts
So you want to go Greek, but aren't sure how to choose the right kind? Not all yogurts are created equal: Study the labels
This has the potential to be delicious.