The state just enacted a ban on chloripyrifos, a neurotoxic chemical used in agriculture.
And the number one greenest state is ...
The breakthrough could help save the globe from the growing plastic pollution crisis.
If nuclear power is to be part of a U.S. climate change strategy over the next century, policymakers must address its increasingly precarious economics.
So long Dirty Jobs, Clean Jobs are changing the way we work!
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J.J. Green launched a fundraising campaign after learning investors wanted to take the film out of Flint.
At this school, all of the buildings are made from natural materials, including a sports hall made of bamboo.
The strip of cutting-edge pavement, which lines London's "Smart Street," harvests kinetic energy from the footsteps of pedestrians and creates five watts of power per step.
It effectively acts as a source of sustainable heat energy.
One company is hoping to make its famous product as green as possible - by swapping glass for wood fiber 🍻♻️
Environmental rights are human rights, and doing right by our youth means making sure the Earth we're given is habitable.