green art

"We're often told about the quantity of waste we produce, but I think the impact of pictures can be much powerful than words," Antoine Repessé explains.
"It is not only a political or economic problem, but an educational one."
"These artworks are testaments to the negative impact of our consumptive practices and reminders of the ongoing damage we subject our natural environment to."
What happens when an artist snaps photographs of polluted places, and then soaks those photos in the same chemicals that taint the land? This.
"My goal with all of this is to raise awareness surrounding the decreasing water quality of our oceans."
In one year, Itamar Gilboa consumed, among other things, 19 apple cakes, 117 bananas, 113 potatoes, 22 pizzas, 111 liters
The activist and artist has long used his propaganda-inspired designs to promote political causes, from his Barack Obama
Check out a preview of the exhibition below, and see the entire work here. His stunning moving images are accompanied by
"This nomadic lifestyle is better alive in an original society or culture than preserved as a fossil in a museum," Lee added
The hypnotic images, like crystal balls splayed atop a marshy expanse, toy with photography's capacity to capture what is
There you have it, folks. If you don't feel like trekking all the way to the Christmas tree lot, dig into your recycling
If you live in an urban environment you're no doubt familiar with the sensation of encountering a lone plastic bag zipping
Ice Watch by Olafur Eliasson and Minik Rosing, City Hall Square, Copenhagen (Photo: Anders Sune Berg) "The ice is melting