Green Bay Packers

Hot air balloons above Kenya, flooding in Texas and some striking art exhibits round out this week's collection of best images.
NBC's broadcast picked up the intriguing declaration in an otherwise dull game.
Harold Jones-Quartey gave the intruder a painful lesson on what it's like to play in the NFL.
He became the first quarterback to win five championships and continues to be one of the most beloved players the NFL has seen.
"You come down to the end and Tyrion says the person with the best story is Bran?" said the Green Bay Packers quarterback in an interview on Tuesday.
Fans hope it's not the last ring he picks up this season.
The Green Bay Packers rallied from a 20-point halftime deficit and what looked like the quarterback's crippling injury.
Danny Trevathan has been suspended for two games after his helmet-to-helmet hit Thursday.
"That's not OK right there," CBS' Tony Romo says during replay.
NFL players again stood in solidarity after President Donald Trump's call to fire players protesting racial injustice.
The quarterback and LGBTQ ally believes fears among queer athletes still lingers.
The Green Bay Packer either has a soft spot for students or a hatred of tests.
The Falcons are headed to Houston.
All too rare is the sporting event that qualifies as a great work of art. And even rarer is the professional sports team that belongs to the public. The transcendent Green Bay Packers have now entered the Pantheon for both.