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The dangerous chemicals were coming from both inside the building and the consumer goods residents brought with them.
Your Next Interview The last time you applied for a job, did you ask about the ventilation, lighting and thermal comfort
Commercial air travel shows no sign of slowing down - in fact, the number of airplanes in service is expected to nearly double
I recently helped host 300 green buildings leaders in London and Dubai. These are quite different environments but the discussions
Buildings - the places we live, work, play and learn - currently account for about one third of global energy consumption
The World Green Building Council have developed a simple framework to help companies take action. The framework issues calls
Los Angeles is big. Really big. Four million residents, 503 square miles, and the third-largest metropolitan GDP on the planet
Their work was based on a first year seminar that used a new green building as its curriculum. As one of their first-year
This controversy that's been injected into the country's discourse about "Making America Great Again" drives me nuts. Does
The clash of personal ego and public interest holds us all back. Advocates for change in the design industry can go only so far without also changing how designers behave.
OBI is following the same open source methodology that has made the Internet so successful --- sharing the source code with
Looking forward, China’s building sector must prioritize the retrofit of large existing non-residential buildings and expand
"The green building revolution has stalled," declares Jerry Yudelson in Reinventing Green Building, to be released June 1 by New Society Publishers.
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When you think of "affordable housing," what's the image that comes to mind? For lots of people, including many of those most in need of it, the picture is not a pretty one: it's a scene of dreary, deteriorating high-rises or shabby, poorly constructed "garden" apartments with no garden in sight.
Past precedent would say that building basketball's newest technological epicenter would be costly to the environment, because buildings of this size require massive amounts of energy to build and run. But our fans had a different idea.
I wrote a note to myself recently to the effect that there are "few things more sustainable than a great idea." Think about it. A great idea can become a life force of its own. It can stimulate. It can inspire and motivate.