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Ah yes, "that good old Global Warming," as President Donald Trump put it last week.
The president re-upped a favored talking point of climate change deniers.
A month after resigning from the Interior Department, I attended COP23, where the U.S. was very much a presence, even if our government was not.
Inside one of the world's longest climate conferences.
The semantics of climate change have evolved from global warming to climate change over the last 25 years, but have focused
Bill Hare, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research In the short term, the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris
By Maty Konte, United Nations University; Joice Ferreira, Federal University of Pará; Sandrine Maljean-Dubois, Aix-Marseille
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The Green Climate Fund deposit comes just three days before Trump's inauguration.
Protect Americans from the ravages of climate change The impacts of climate change are already being felt in the U.S. and
The reality is the direction of travel of the utility industry globally (Trump be damned) is quite clear. Grids are moving
Solar power offers a compelling trifecta for the world's health sector: it improves health services when electricity is otherwise
The international climate community faces an even greater challenge: enacting the agreed upon measures to live up to the agreement's aims and to achieve complete global decarbonization over the coming decades.
We saw the year 2015 close with a cheer as nearly 200 countries adopted the landmark Paris Agreement during the COP21 climate negotiations. Now in the New Year, we find ourselves back in the real economy and wonder how we can mobilize the trillions of investments needed to implement it.