Green Energy

Tax credits that benefit the rich took effect this year, but middle-class and working families won't see rebates until next year at the earliest.
Unless you work at a coal-fired power plant, last year was a great time to be employed in the American energy industry.
A legally required regulatory tweak would save homeowners money and slash huge amounts of carbon. But the policy is years late ― and no one knows why.
Thinking about home improvements? Looking for ways to lower your home's monthly energy bill? Our Environmental Design Architect is here to help!
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Gina McCarthy is set to step down as the president’s top domestic climate adviser, weeks after Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law.
The ruling from Maine’s high court brings fresh drama to the saga of trying to connect Québec’s green grid to the northeastern U.S.
According to Donald Trump, there’s a deadly threat stalking America’s skylines… beware the windmills that “kill everything.”
President Donald Trump falsely claimed that wind turbines cause cancer, the latest in a long line of mistruths about the renewable energy method.
Exciting clean energy news! The Angeles Link aims to be America’s largest green hydrogen pipeline.
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European climate subsidies funnel billions to wood-burning power plants that harvest trees from the U.S. South. The industry is taking a toll locally and globally.