green energy jobs

“It’s hard to expand your business and create new jobs with this much political uncertainty affecting the wind industry,” said
With gas prices spiking, energy policy is a big election-year talking point. It might surprise you that renewable energy
Parts of America are powered by technologies that Abraham Lincoln advocated more than a century and a half ago. But some in our country are weakened by failure to appreciate another, even more powerful idea that Lincoln also promoted.
If candidates don't stand up for green energy, then don't vote them in -- because it's not just our health, our national security, or the devastating climatic consequences -- it's the economy, stupid.
Since the "Cash for Clunkers" program was so successful in stimulating demand for new autos, why not use the same concept to stimulate the demand for new clean power plants to replace dirty coal?
If we think we're going to make the goal from solar, wind, and other renewables alone, we must be smoking something. Every clean power technology, including nuclear, has to play a role.
Democratic presidential front-runner Barack Obama and his challenger, Hillary Clinton, are both zeroing in on the economy