The heart of Appalachia's coal country might not be the first place you'd expect to see cutting edge public health initiatives -- it's one of the least healthy regions in America. But a group of residents is determined to change that.
Green jobs pay higher, are more available to those with only a high school degree -- and are growing faster than jobs in the rest of the economy. It's a smart sector in which to invest.
When Dr. King was assassinated, it was 1968. President Obama was 7 and EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson was 6. Many of the African-American leaders who now carry the torch of justice that King lit were young when he died.
What the president demanded last night wasn't green jobs, it was jobs. Period. And not a moment too soon, of course -- too many of our friends, family members, and neighbors are looking for work.
The beauty and danger of capitalism is that it's survival of the fittest. Some companies survive and thrive. Many don't. Unfortunately, Solyndra, a Bay Area solar panel company, didn't.
Let's make this Earth Week not just a celebration of the planet, but also a time of action. Let's use this momentum to ask ourselves if we can do more to help open eyes, change minds and inspire action from others.
While you were brushing your teeth this morning, did you ever, for a moment, think that the water coming out of your faucet would make you nauseous or damage your kidneys?
The Environmental Protection Agency's new mercury and air toxics rule doesn't require that power plants emit floral-scented perfumes, but just that the lowest acceptable levels be a little higher.
In the hazy zone between those who see opportunity in the burgeoning green energy economy, and those reactionary ideologues trying to maintain the status quo, lies Fox News' parent company News Corporation.
History is comprised of a series of fleeting moments. But, every so often, our nation has an opportunity to chart a new and fairer course for future generations. We are at such a moment.
Earlier this week, behind closed doors, top aides to members of the House energy and Senate environment committees met with industry lobbyists to plan a public relations war against measures to protect and enhance our environment.
It is time for the nation to wake up and fight for a green economy that addresses the health and opportunity of all communities. It will take a collective effort to make this happen. This is where we can learn from Dr. Martin Luther King.
Turning on your faucet shouldn't be a high-risk venture. Parents shouldn't have to worry whether or not the water in their homes is safe for their children to drink.
Why would anyone want to sacrifice both the environment and the economy? Because one group would profit: dirty energy companies who want to keep polluting.
2010-08-29-greenforall.jpg Since Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf Region has spent five years showing us where America is falling short.
Shifting environmental burdens to the most vulnerable among us is a sad inheritance left us by the last century. We must build the next century in the image of tomorrow's triumphs.