Green Hawaii

A test project off the shores of Oahu, Hawaii is using a special buoy to collect wave power and turn it into electricity. While the idea isn't new, this is the first time that such a buoy has been connected to the grid and is actually producing usable power.
The 1,300 ton spill killed more than 26,000 fish and marine life.
"There is no smoking gun in this environmental mystery," she said in a statement. "It's an unusual and mysterious event," Kate
Last month, the board voted to conduct a preliminary engineering study to figure out the most efficient, cost effective and
Civil Beat created this animated map of shark bites from a list compiled by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources
Volcán Tajamulco, Guatemala. Mt. Fuji's Shadow (富士山の陰) by Jordan Hayashi on 500px Hagios Elias, Taíyetos Mountains, Greece
The Legislature approved more than 100 bills Tuesday, including a $26 billion budget, legislation that requires Hawaii to
The Pakini Nui wind farm generates energy near South Point Bay on the Island of Hawaii. While Hawaii's plan is incredibly
You don't have to stop protecting the planet as you travel to explore its many wonders. Hotel search has discovered eight ecologically elite hotels that are taking "being green" to a five-star level.
7. Boston, Massachusetts 9. Seattle, Washington 5. Miami, Florida Big city life doesn't have to mean overwhelming smog and
Meet Wilma. She’s a feral pig who wandered onto a polo field in Hawaii and never looked back. "We had the British team over
Protesters on Friday, April 10, 2015. Protesters at the TMT construction site on the summit of Mauna Kea on April 10, 2015
Below, for the first time in history, HuffPost Hawaii presents Little’s best wave photographs, RANKED, starting with number
SOEST defines beach erosion as a result occurring when waves take away more sand than they replenish. A bill in Hawaii's
Page's time-lapse captures the destructive power of this slow moving lava, showing just how volatile Mother Nature can be
One lesson that we had heard, but really saw when we moved here, was leaving the mainland in the mainland. No matter where you moved from, you have to leave that attitude and that way of life there. You have to embrace what Hawai'i is and means. Those that try to bring the mainland here don't last very long.
Tropical: Roots by Dave Weber on 500px Imagine if you could visit the lush rainforests of Costa Rica, the dry, hot deserts
Since you are technically not allowed to see it for yourself, enjoy the only legal way to view its 180-degrees of pure bliss
Microbeads might work to scrub us clean, but the tiny pieces of plastic found in some face wash, soap and toothpaste products