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What will American homes look like the future? Why not ask architecture students? After all, they'll be the ones designing them. Right now, teams of students from 16 universities are competing to design and build cost-effective solar-powered homes--and your tax dollars are helping to urge them on.
The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) will soon launch a new app that will allow families to conduct healthy home audits. Why? Because right now there are roughly 6 million substandard housing units nationwide, and low income persons are much more likely to live in them than their middle income peers.
Everybody wants to go green and save money, but how exactly do you do it if it's all new to you? Try these four approaches.
You are a homeowner and you're interested in solar power because it can help save money on utility bills and power your home with renewable energy. But you don't understand how the varying solar financing terms work. Financing terms can be confusing, but they don't have to be.
There are also devices that help you save water, like the Oxiget aerating showerhead, which reduces water consumption by
** According to Leigh Overland Architects, a design concept called insulated concrete form (ICF) employs a Styrofoam-like
Almost half of the energy your home consumes comes from heating and air conditioning. Unless your house is completely coated
What can I say? Watching Tom Darden work in his adoptive hometown of New Orleans seems to be like watching a man who is to his field what Paul McCartney is to music. In other words, when it comes to sustainable building, the man is a natural.
Green over Grey, a wonderfully monikered vertical garden design firm headquartered out of Vancouver, B.C., has unveiled what
From DealNews' Lou Carlozo: Energy savings is certainly on a lot of people's minds as winter 2014 has kicked off in fearsome
Thanksgiving is upon us, and as you contemplate what you are thankful for, don’t forget your thanks for Mother Nature. After
For now, the house still has plenty of uses, if not for Stevens himself. ** Built in modules, or timber-frame boxes that
Fresh Home magazine takes us through some of the features of the forthcoming kitchen design -- a space where we're likely
38 Dolores, an 81-unit apartment complex currently under construction, touts a protected butterfly habitat as “a living representation
H/T to Curbed But the coolest part is that after it's been manufactured, this little dwelling can be assembled in just one
Located all not that far from the biomass-tastic BIQ House, an eight-unit apartment complex billing itself as “probably the
"The less water, the slower the water flows," he said. "If you were to ask most people in the wastewater business, there