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"Worth" and "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" are also trending on the platform.
The actor spells out just how far he'll go to secure safety equipment for front-line workers in the pandemic.
MAILBAG - How to solves Star Wars' Princess Leia problem, why is Hans Zimmer everywhere and what does Luke think about Ghostbusters
Childhood is a time of frequent and intense dreaming for many people. Often these nocturnal experiences from early life have a dark hue--children are especially prone to nightmares, sleep paralysis, and night terrors.
"If I had to do it all again, I’d do the exact same thing."
Tyrese Gibson seems right at home in Abu Dhabi. Chilling out across from me, wearing a traditional thobe and gutra, with the Emirates Palace in the background, the Furious 7 actor seems to be loving his warm welcome in the United Arab Emirates.
As the film opens, we see the restless Adele Bloch-Bauer sitting for a portrait by Gustav Klimt. Who would have guessed that a family portrait would become the center of an Austrian identity crisis? Especially a portrait of a Jewish woman. In 1998, Maria Altmann's sister Louisa is laid to rest. A
So said the legendary DC Comics superhero, Green Lantern, whose likeness will live on in the hearts of Renato Garcia's family
Of all the superheroes out there, Iron Man has taken on the worst of the bad guys. But only the most dedicated "Iron Man" aficionados know that Tony Stark had to defeat his own personal arch villain -- He had to defeat the bottle.