This story originally appeared on Mother Nature Network: They might sound like they'd be a squishy mess, but researchers
I know, I know, again with the cards, but now I had a dilemma. I received so many amazing presents from our Encore baby shower
Using paper products with total disregard for trees is one of the only things that keeps my family functioning.
Furthermore, women who make this choice risk losing all of their independence. Besides the possibility of divorce, a husband
When my family asks me about gift ideas this holiday season, I have one simple reply: A toxic-free environment for my daughter. That's it. That's all I want.
Nature offers children not just physical room to play, but mental and emotional room as well.
The whole notion of a "green pregnancy" may seem oxymoronic to the hard-core tree huggers among us: My most eco-minded friends
We know her as Blossom, that spunky adolescent on that eponymous sitcom. But since the series ended in 1995, Mayim Bialik, now 33, has truly blossomed.
Sure, you could send your daughter off to every single play date accompanied by organic carrot sticks and tamari roasted almonds, but what's going to happen when she's in a situation that you can't reasonably control or change?
I suffered three miscarriages. As a journalist, my investigative skills took over: I tried to figure out what it was about me, or my environment that was causing the repeated pregnancy loss.