green power

The Ukrainian town of Pripyat has been deserted for 30 years after the Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded. Now, the government says the region could be an ideal location for the world’s largest solar farm.
Across the country, small business owners are gaining a competitive edge and improving their bottom line through energy efficiency. Many owners are even able to redirect cost savings to new investments or new positions. It's a win-win; a win for the economy as well as the environment.
In many ways, the country is already squarely on that path. Renewables now generate 20 percent of California’s electricity
From the Too Good To Be True department, the latest installment comes courtesy of Marin County's power provider, the Marin Energy Authority: you can have 100% clean, green electricity for less than the cost of traditional power.
This story originally appeared on Mother Nature Network. Scientists at MIT and Harvard University have revealed a novel way
This story originally appeared in Nature News. India has pledged to build the world’s most powerful solar plant. With a nominal
Geostellar uses satellite data to build 3D representations of neighborhoods and their rooftops. A simulation that moves the
Use less energy From installing LED bulbs to adjusting the thermostat, we already know that energy conservation can both
A study released earlier this year said nearly all of New York State's energy needs could be met with a combination of wind
This, however, actually appears to be the projected utility cost avoidance figure for the 30 years of the project, and does