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21-Year Old Boyan Slat Found a Way to Actually Cleanup Our Planet's Oceans
Spring on the Great Lakes is a time when the ice covering the lakes melts, snowfall is gradually replaced by rainfall, and below the surface of the lakes, migratory fish start their move towards the rivers and streams where they'll spawn.
But it doesn't have to be scary gloom and doom. If we read the handwriting on the wall, Collard says, "Global warming is
This story originally appeared on Mother Nature Network: They might sound like they'd be a squishy mess, but researchers
If your Manhattan bedroom is under 6 feet of water (and can be again), or millions of cows can't find one green blade of grass because of drought, or all the polar bears die because we lose the Arctic sea ice, do we really care if the solution creates jobs?
We are now in the early stages of the first global revolution: It is a values revolution that is saying, instead of having money values rule over the life cycle, we must have life values rule over the money cycle.
Chevron is guilty of massive environmental crimes in the Amazon, but has chosen to spend millions on lobbyists, lawyers and PR firms instead of paying for a clean up of its mess.
As South by Southwest has proven in the areas of technology and music, the best new thinking and creative ideas often emerge when we cross boundaries to seek out new relationships and ideas.
First, a discussion on priorities. Yes, world peace is to some an ultimate goal, or perhaps for others just to mend our broken
Any one point on a busy street can receive up to 50,000 steps a day, so imagine if you could take all that foot traffic and