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Everyone wants a more eco-friendly home.
Australian based Carnegie Wave Energy and their Ceto Wave Energy System uses buoys and pumps to convert ocean waves into renewable energy and fresh drinking water.
• Provides a sleep environment more conducive to relaxing, restorative deep sleep. It concluded that exercise did not appear
Third metric industries are beginning to take on the science of sleep combining the wisdom of ancient principles with modern technology. This has seen the most innovative companies aligning state-of-the-art wellness products that deal with everyday issues - discomfort, stress, health and well-being.
Vertical Farming The future of modern agriculture could very well be found indoors. Vertical farms grow plants hydroponically
Environmental innovations are much more than nice; they are also fiscally sound practices that add value and provide a tremendous boost to the bottom line. And eventually, they have a domino effect
And while some may point to agriculture as the greatest user (nay, squanderer) of water, I say personal conservation counts
Some may argue that change is easier to effect on a smaller scale. But cities don't have the luxury of looking the other
There are also devices that help you save water, like the Oxiget aerating showerhead, which reduces water consumption by
This waste not only costs us $165 billion a year and 25 percent of our freshwater supply (largely used to produce our food
My people, the Gurung tribe, are used to our remoteness. Heavy monsoon rains, flash floods and frequent landslides make it impossible to build roads or power grids. But we refuse to live in the dark. So we have learned to make the most of what we have: water and gravity.
I've almost enlisted in the zombie army before. I periodically read tech reviews, consider networks, compare prices, play with demo devices at stores. I tell myself: "I will buy this smartphone tomorrow. Or maybe next week." But I never do.
As a time-crunched freelancer and mom of two young children, I have neither the time nor patience to comb through the racks
“We’ve worked hard to reduce our water use to a 3.5 to 1 ratio,” Norgrove told the North Bay Business Journal. “With EcoVolt
On a planet where one in eight people is chronically hungry, it's an almost unimaginable irony: every year, one-third of the world's food supply is wasted.
By 2050, seven out of every 10 people living on Earth will call themselves an urbanite. So how will we navigate the throng?
Here's some pre-bankruptcy video that gives you a fuller ECOtality picture: The U.S. government closely scrutinized some
It's now Day 8 of the government shutdown, and a lot of people are hurting. But some of the greatest suffering may ultimately come to our country collectively, as potentially groundbreaking climate and energy research -- not to mention policy -- is now put on hold.
Hey, if major corporations, climate-denying vice chairmen, and Fox News can all wrap their arms around green technology, maybe our environment has a chance after all.