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Everyone wants a more eco-friendly home.
Australian based Carnegie Wave Energy and their Ceto Wave Energy System uses buoys and pumps to convert ocean waves into renewable energy and fresh drinking water.
Many of us know that regular exercise helps us sleep better, but what I discovered is that it's a two-way street. Regular
Third metric industries are beginning to take on the science of sleep combining the wisdom of ancient principles with modern technology. This has seen the most innovative companies aligning state-of-the-art wellness products that deal with everyday issues - discomfort, stress, health and well-being.
Drought-Tolerant Crops With the drought in California still raging, many farmers are worried about the future of their water
Environmental innovations are much more than nice; they are also fiscally sound practices that add value and provide a tremendous boost to the bottom line. And eventually, they have a domino effect
And while some may point to agriculture as the greatest user (nay, squanderer) of water, I say personal conservation counts
Want to head there, too? Check out Asheville's latest crop of sustainability startups: LoLo - Provides loyalty rewards platform
Budget option: You can install a water-flow restrictor in your shower, if you don’t have one already. This slows the amount
Interestingly, the most talked-about solutions are technological ones. There are the highly controversial, à la genetically