Green Travel

I was also surprised to learn that Ford cars are designed with a huge variety of sustainable materials including recycled
Airports are getting more and more savvy about sustainability practices. From planting herb gardens and harvesting rainwater, to using mostly recycled materials when constructing additions and renovating existing buildings, being eco-conscious is top of mind for an array of airports.
After witnessing the tragic plastic problem in Bali, I suddenly became hyper aware of the various bad behaviors tourists tend to unwittingly exhibit. Think you might be guilty of a bad habit or two?
With such bounty, keeping the soil healthy is key. How does the Blancaneaux team do it? Compost, compost, compost! During a private garden tour, I learned about the resort's super soil practices, large-scale compost strategy, and gardening techniques.
You don't have to stop protecting the planet as you travel to explore its many wonders. Hotel search has discovered eight ecologically elite hotels that are taking "being green" to a five-star level.
Six Senses Con Dao combines sustainability and stunning natural views. The Vietnamese resort is built from sustainable resources
Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska Lake Clark National Park sits 100 miles southwest of Anchorage and is a nature
A few visionary communities around the world are leading a revolution in "smart" urban planning. They're incorporating technology and environmentally friendly practices on a scale rarely seen before.
One of the best ways to get the public excited about Green Energy is inviting them to see how it's done. This 3 Minute Postcard