greenland ice sheet

“The impacts of a changing Arctic are not confined to those who live there," researchers wrote in the 14th annual Arctic Report Card.
A recent episode of the Sam Harris podcast featured Joe Romm of ThinkProgress. Overall it was an excellent episode that over
Coastal ice has passed a critical "tipping point," a new study shows. And it doesn't bode well for the rest of the island's ice.
It's easier to focus on politics, celebrity gossip, reality TV and cat videos than on Earth's climate. It seems like everyone's all "Greenland? Who cares? Whatever. Next." And that upsets me. Is it really that easy to pretend the effects of global warming don't exist?
Yet another sign that climate change is a major threat to our planet.
Is anyone else fed up with how "the news" is dominated by stories that provoke fear, panic and paranoia?
Clouds are trapping in heat and accounting for as much as 30 percent of the ice sheet melt, scientists say.
A new study shows climate change can undercut nature's way of protecting the ice.
The researchers used the units to record movements of the ice before, during, and after three instances of draining that
Here a bright whitish aura spreads across the horizon, waves at us a little, shoots up a couple of fountain-like columns now and again. But that's about it. Ms. Aurora is definitely a tad shy tonight.