Greensboro, GA Constituents Protest Town Hall Meeting
Greensboro, GA Constituents Protest Town Hall Meeting
Even many liberals -- black and white -- thought that they were too radical. But their actions galvanized a new wave of civil rights protest. But this is how people make history.
Both initiatives demonstrate the bold, grassroots commitments of U.S. citizens acting from places of integrity, love and faith -- without government funding or backing, to support the rights of fellow citizens to live free of violence based on the color of their skin.
The media finds it interesting to cover sensational events when one person of color after another have their lives snuffed out by law enforcement. Instead they should be focusing on the social approaches of a society that is shamelessly steeped in white privilege.
During a benefit being put on by an LGBT watering hole in the city of Greensboro, North Carolina, organizers learned that Steve had succumbed to complications from the brutal attack he endured a week before. Found naked, beaten, robbed and set on fire, the gay Iraq War veteran spent the last week fighting for and ultimately losing his life.
I got married last Friday night. Our plan was to go to CVS to pick up prescriptions for my future mother-in-law, but instead we decided to go to the Register of Deeds office in Greensboro, N.C., to get hitched.
We have souls. I believe we have to define this part of ourselves that connects us. Then my wife and I traveled to Scotland
According to, Smith's attorney claims his client went to Illinois because he felt he was being threatened and