The administration is undercutting a major public lands law that the president used to greenwash his abysmal conservation record.
I was doing a lot of food and sustainability writing at the time, so the idea of goofy policy hiding behind eco-friendly
The bank is backing the company building the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.
An executive convicted after a possibly fatal auto scandal? You don't see THAT every day.
"Business & Human Rights" (BHR) is an international legal and political framework, arising from the UN Guiding Principles
This blog series has been examining the booming new field of Business & Human Rights (BHR), which has revolutionized how the world's leading multinational corporations are talking about and engaging with human rights.
I can no longer tolerate the nonsense of Industrial civilization and its death cult of capitalism at any cost even all life on Earth. This culture is insane. I want out before it's all over.
Over the last two decades, this question of green has moved beyond our living and into our dying in the most explicit of ways in the US, as a movement for environmentally friendly deathcare builds steam.
With neutrality & justice for all The Facing Finance publication contains multiple inaccuracies. Accurate information regarding
Agree to disagree If fulfillment of the Third Pillar is to be accomplished by States and business enterprises, why not just
People with less money have significantly lower carbon footprints than people with more money.
Another letter that recently rocked the BHR world even harder came from Puvan Selvanathan, one of the five members (until
There is no begrudging the almost magical success of "Business & Human Rights" (BHR) -- the new name for the newly revamped field of human rights advocacy that has emerged over the last decade to, well, supplement (read: not replace) what used to go by "corporate accountability."
This is now: The days of the Symbolic SAC are rapidly coming to an end: As social and environmental challenges become increasingly
A more positive aspect is that companies have set measurable goals with established time frames, albeit short term, for at
First we're told that money = speech, now we're told speaking out is against the law. If you're not worried about what Donny Rico is talking about, you "damn well should be!"
If H&M was truly serious about sustainability, then it would focus on changing its business model -- not on making more clothing under the guise of a feel-good name.