Greg Abbott

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott should shake money from the ex-president's tree before their photo-op, suggested El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego.
People age 21 and up will no longer have to obtain a license, complete training or undergo a background check to carry a handgun in public.
"The idea is to whitewash American history of any legacy of racism," said state Democratic Rep. James Talarico.
Grid operator ERCOT came under fire earlier this year for dangerous power outages that left millions without electricity and hundreds dead.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced he plans to keep building Trump’s border wall.
The Trump administration's construction project came with a price tag of nearly $20 million per mile.
After Democrat lawmakers in Texas successfully stopped the passage of a bill that would have restricted voting rights, Gov. Greg Abbot (R) is threatening to stop their pay.
The rebellion gave Democrats and voting rights allies nationwide a morale-raising moment after months of racking up losses in GOP-controlled statehouses.
"No pay for those who abandon their responsibilities," Republican Greg Abbott tweeted after a late-night walkout by Democratic state lawmakers blocked the bill.
Democrats will have virtually no path to stop it from passing.