Greg Abbott

The GOP frontrunner promised that his hard-line immigration policies would make the Texas governor's job "much easier."
The family of a Black high school student in Texas has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the state’s governor and attorney general over being suspended by his school district for his hairstyle.
The Biden administration sued to get rid of the floating barrier in the Rio Grande.
“You know what back to school season brings us? Memories that our children died a gruesome horrific death and you did absolutely nothing except tell us that ‘it could have been worse.'"
Texas began shuttling thousands of migrants away from the U.S.-Mexico border last year.
The Biden administration said the barriers had caused serious harm to U.S.-Mexico relations.
"Texas will see you in court, Mr. President," the Texas governor said.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott installed razor wire and floating buoys to stem a diminishing flow of undocumented immigrants to his state.
Border officers have been ordered to deny water to migrants and push them back into the Rio Grande at times, the San Antonio Express-News reported.
One college professor says she can't complete her research because of the ban.