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The show's creators are reportedly looking for a queer actress to play her, too.
The queer Hollywood heavyweights will receive Trevor Project awards in June.
"Oliver!," an '80s teen rom-com, a prop malfunction and some misguided Nazis are involved.
The director says making queer-inclusive projects is "incredibly rewarding."
Variety reports that 19 sources have accused Andrew Kreisberg of inappropriate behavior on the sets of his hit TV shows.
But this isn't your parent's Riverdale. Adaptations are tricky. They can either go horribly, HORRIBLY wrong or they can be
Fox may soon be adding another DC Comics character to its roster. The network has given a pilot production commitment to
We owe so much to the brave filmmakers and entertainers of today and yesteryear for telling queer stories. They raised awareness and garnered understanding of our struggle and helped us know ourselves along the way.
Kreisberg: Yeah. Oliver in the pilot was as much the Green Arrow as he'll ever be, expertise-wise. The show is really an
Berlanti noted that David Singh, a gay DC Comics character, will be part of the "Flash" TV universe: He will recur on the
You said in the past you had plans to introduce a gay character on “Arrow.” Do you still have plans for that? We do. Yes