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Taylor’s death helped spark a nationwide wave of protests demanding racial justice and an end to the use of excessive force by law enforcement.
The city where the legendary boxer and humanitarian grew up is proud to honor him, Mayor Greg Fischer said.
She yelled at the women to "go back to wherever the f**k you come from."
The school is working with six cities to reinvent their education systems.
The world's first Festival of Faiths was held in Louisville, Ky., in November 1995. Now approaching its 20th anniversary year, the highly successful and internationally acclaimed festival is being emulated by neighboring city Indianapolis.
Asthmapolis is the program's name. It was developed by Dr. David Van Sickle, who had done research on asthma and respiratory
"Concern with others' well being: that is compassion," the 77-year-old Buddhist spiritual leader declared. "Compassion must come from there," he added, pointing toward his heart.
I recently asked a number of people in the "political know" of Kentucky the question. "Who do you see emerging as the next leaders of Kentucky?"
Previous assumptions stated that borrowers already know everything they need to grow; they just need the capital in order to implement their business ideas.
Insiders like Schumer never learn. You can't beat a Republican with a Democrat who acts like a Republican.