Greg Gianforte

From young Earth theory to climate change to COVID-19, the GOP congressman has a lot of ideas that should concern anyone who wants science-based policies.
GOP Rep. Greg Gianforte's wife, Susan, met with Guilfoyle, a Trump campaign official. Neither wore a mask or maintained social distance.
Known for assaulting a reporter in 2017, the wealthy congressman lost the 2016 governor's race.
Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte admitted to body-slamming a reporter on the eve of winning a 2017 special election.
The freshman congressman spent heavily to secure his re-election, lending his campaign $1 million in the closing weeks.
The GOP lawmaker appears to revert to his old claim that he didn't start the fight — which he admitted in a guilty plea.
"If you took any photo of Trump’s aides and added Clemenza from 'The Godfather,' no one would notice."
The CNN host also asked why Donald Trump always praises bullies and punks?
"This is exactly why my father won," said President Donald Trump's second son.
Press organizations denounced the president for his "my kind of guy" endorsement of a Republican's body-slam attack.