greg gutfeld

Former Republican House member Lee Zeldin used the offensive term to describe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's arguments.
The Fox News host gave a head-scratching take on abortion rights and "transformational change."
The Fox News host joked about Joe Biden dying in prison and insulted a daytime talk host in his obnoxious defense of the inquiry.
The Fox News host's sexist attempt at levity fell flat given the channel's history of sexual harassment.
The Fox News host didn't seem to be warming up to the very real dangers of the greenhouse effect.
The Fox News host gave a jaw-dropping take on new charges alleging that Trump ordered the deletion of incriminating footage.
"There is no silver lining to killing six million people," Michael Bornstein said on CNN.
The Fox personality’s comments were condemned as an insult to “the memory of the millions of people who suffered from the evils of the Holocaust.”
"You're disgusting," Kat Timpf told the Fox News host after he said he envied the 16-year-old high school student.
Gutfeld ridiculed the media for intensely covering Trump's arrival in New York — but his colleague noted that Fox News did the same.