Greg Mortenson

He still plans to continue to support girls' education and also focus on infant mortality, child marriage and violence against women.
Mary is advocating that writers not be chained to exactitudes. But in giving this kind of permission, she is opening the door to a small battleground where absolutists are going to have a field day with her. For black-and-white thinkers there is truth or not truth.
Is it just a bad book, worthy of your disdain, or does it maybe trigger in you something you're just not ready to face? And yes, please support women memoirists. We need each other!It's not uncommon to hear agents at conferences shutting down bright-eyed aspiring authors with a simple, "I don't represent memoir."
Just as professional athletes take steroids, it seems as if embellishing or even fabricating stories has become the stimulant of choice for nonprofit leaders looking to gain a competitive edge.
Anyone who knows Pakistan knows that it's simplistic to chant (like the sheep in Animal Farm), "Civilians good, military ba-a-a-ad." But it's also true that a military takeover is not only far from out of the question, but likely only to make things worse. So where can we look for leadership?
We're obsessed in today's world with facts. Every syllable uttered by people in positions of power is put under a microscope, and we, the general public, love nothing more than to have subterfuge reveal in the media spotlight.
One idea that development agencies tend to rely on is that there is this thing out there called a community, where people behave in a "communal" way of sharing and organizing, implicit within their societal structure.
"Three Cups of Tea" author Greg Mortenson has turned down a $100,000 award by the University of Louisville. Mortenson, in
There is lucre in writing a book like Three Cups of Tea or in making TV dramas and films that assert they are true, but in fact are being made to titillate the public's wish for celebrity gossip.
The charity watchdog also accused CAI of lacking transparency, as it published just one independent audit of its finances
Greg Mortenson is facing another lawsuit filed over his bestselling memoir, Three Cups of Tea. Read more on The Daily Beast
"Three Cups of Tea" author Greg Mortenson, who is under fire over allegations he fabricated much of his story, is recovering
Too many Western writers try to portray themselves as selfless, Mother Theresa-like figures who venture to an exotic and dangerous country to single-handedly save the natives.
"So as a donor, you've got to find out what is the charity's program, because they're not clear about it," he said. Organizations
John Norris of the Center for American Progress writes the five myths about foreign aid in the Washington Post. I would like to add a few more with brief explanations as to why I have included them.
The awards were presented at a gala event in New York City that kicked off Children's Book Week, the oldest national literacy event in the United States.
Let's reject social change by personality cult and embrace empowering the poor to speak up, speak out and speak for themselves. That's what good nonprofit leaders have always done.
Mortenson told Outside Magazine that both he and CAI are working to eradicate these problems. For example, in January he
Memoir, as its Latin root indicates, is a selection of subjective, often partially forgotten, memories. Readers do not expect memoirists to be journalists. What matters is trust.