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Greg Smith is all grown up now.
"I want to be able to help anybody, whether it be giving them some food or clothes."
The child was placed in a DHS shelter while authorities determine whether his home is safe. His father, Tim Smith, hopes
"I find it ironic that people who are conservative and want local control, now want to suppress thoughts and ideas," state
In the close race, Feuer has criticized Trutanich's track record and Trutanich has claimed that Feuer does not have enough
Greg Smith's NYT op-ed created quite a stir. But as a Goldman Sachs "alum," I believe nowhere else has such an abundance of smart colleagues, the ability to innovate and set gold standards, and management that gets it right far more often than they get it wrong.
Just like all long-term relationships, the qualities which first attracted Greg Smith to Goldman Sachs now seemed wrong instead of right. Who or what had changed: Greg Smith or Goldman Sachs?
Lost trust in Goldman does not crash the market, but it certainly forces investors to be a little more hesitant. Capitalism is extremely efficient, but it is a system built on trust.
It is true that the consensus is that Smith's book has little in the way of juicy detail. But it is also true that Goldman
Clients that didn't understand complex investments or how Goldman Sachs structured its fees are a boon to the company, Smith
Goldman Sachs, which has been on the defensive ahead of the Monday release of a new tell-all book by a former employee, fired
If Andrew Ross Sorkin is mad at him, then Greg Smith might just be on to something.
But it may come as no surprise that Sorkin is doubting Smith's claims. Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi has
Luckily for everyone, America’s favorite weird-haired mogul offered advice for dealing with the panic, even though a fawning
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean Goldman Sachs is not after you. In his new book, "Why I Quit Goldman Sachs" -- a copy of which The Huffington Post has gotten our hands on, ahead of its Oct. 22 publication date -- world-famous job quitter Greg Smith alleges that Goldman frequently made recommendations to clients and then took the opposite side of the trade it had just recommended.
A Goldman Sachs manager wrote in a January email obtained by Bloomberg TV that "Greg Smith [is] off the charts unrealistic
"I knew that we were being indoctrinated, handed a full cup of delicious Kool-Aid, but it was fine with me," Smith writes
Greg Smith, the banker who publicly resigned from Goldman Sachs citing a "toxic" environment, really just wanted more money