greg smith

Greg Smith is all grown up now.
"I want to be able to help anybody, whether it be giving them some food or clothes."
Police got a call around 8 p.m. reporting an intoxicated man carrying a small child on a horse. That's the dilemma facing
Opponents of the measure, though, see it as hurting local governments' ability to express their views on a variety of legislation
By 1:13 a.m. Wednesday, candidates Greg Smith received 17 percent and Noel Weiss received 9 percent of the vote. The polls
Greg Smith's NYT op-ed created quite a stir. But as a Goldman Sachs "alum," I believe nowhere else has such an abundance of smart colleagues, the ability to innovate and set gold standards, and management that gets it right far more often than they get it wrong.
Just like all long-term relationships, the qualities which first attracted Greg Smith to Goldman Sachs now seemed wrong instead of right. Who or what had changed: Greg Smith or Goldman Sachs?
Lost trust in Goldman does not crash the market, but it certainly forces investors to be a little more hesitant. Capitalism is extremely efficient, but it is a system built on trust.
It is true that the consensus is that Smith's book has little in the way of juicy detail. But it is also true that Goldman
Airing Goldman Sachs' dirty laundry in public is the best way to force the company to change its ways, Smith told Cooper