greg suhr

Embattled Chief Greg Suhr submitted his resignation after the mayor asked for it.
Since April 21, the protesters have survived on liquids like coconut water and cups of broth.
Officers reportedly shot the 26-year-old man 21 times after he refused to drop a knife.
"No, you're not pretty sure," Stansbury says. "If you continue with this ... I'll arrest you for resisting arrest." "Please
A smart homeless outreach strategy prioritizes outreach workers over far more costly and less productive police.
In a suit filed against Suhr and the city earlier this week, Kelly O'Haire claims she was terminated from her internal affairs
In a very real way, Suhr's influence derives from the power of his personal narrative. There's the impeccable Catholic-cop
What do you think of the "inflated salaries?" Let us know in the comments section. According to the San Francisco Chronicle
A regular customer of Barah's Market painted a different story and defended the proprietor. "This is a good store. I've never
Is there really footage of someone picking up a gun near Kenneth Harding's body? The SFPD has been saying yes. But if you watch the original video, you'll see what he's actually picking up.