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The diverse and progressive crowd that greeted the New York congresswoman showed a more idealistic side of the party than the one that holds sway in Washington.
He called on the Senate to seriously consider, and hopefully confirm, Obama's Supreme Court nomination.
"The decision by a grand jury not to indict in the death of Eric Garner is a miscarriage of justice, it's an outrage, it's
"He was dead wrong then and dead wrong now and he's never been right. I just wish that we'd stop covering him," Meeks, who
In late 2008, in the midst of Washington's financial crisis, Ryan traveled to South America to meet with political and business leaders as part of a congressional delegation.
Republican Sen. Richard Lugar joins the ranks this month of his ousted moderate colleagues and predecessors. Frankly, it is a little depressing. Wait, more than a little. A lot.
But Meeks failed to report the loan on any of his financial disclosure forms -- as required -- until 2010. The New York Daily
The Office of Congressional Ethics, the independent watchdog unit, has referred cases involving Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y
Queens Congressman Gregory Meeks made no payments for three years on a secret $40,000 personal loan - and repaid the cash
"Every aspect of this bill requires regulators to do well what they have done poorly in the years leading up to this crisis
After weeks of controversy, Congressman Gregory Meeks is defending his role in a charity meant to help the victims of Hurricane
Four current or former officials of a Queens nonprofit group or a related charity founded by State Senator Malcolm A. Smith
Queens Democrat, Rep. Gregory Meeks, sometimes accompanied by his wife, Simone-Marie, took six trips to sun-drenched locales
Colorado U.S. Reps. Jared Polis and Ed Perlmutter signed onto a letter to the Federal Communications Commission last week
But on Thursday, Meeks' amendment deleted that language and instead compels the council to describe: "Significant financial
Indeed, as the Bell case evinces, those preconceived notions -- that a large black man walking with a swagger was a threat
It is increasingly unseemly for superdelegates to stand by as the Clinton campaign resorts to techniques that would have made Jesse Helms blush 20 years ago.