"And no matter how much it begs, never ever let it tweet after midnight."
It highlighted for me how we can all make buffoons of ourselves in the face of diversity.
Everything, that is, so long as it is miles from the nearest yellow brick. "This may sound Pollyannaish," says Pauline Frommer
This holiday season, should you pass by a pug, fawn or black, big or small, left or right left lifted, include him in your reindeer games. He's not a misfit, and he's not a toy. He just wants to love you.
Fans of the 1985 cult classic "The Goonies" have been asking for a sequel for years, and Chris Columbus, who wrote the screenplay
Culler contends that LGBT people who wish to wed are "bullies" of a "hateful nature" who have capitalized on apathy to win
Thirty years ago! Scary! Yet inspiring. (Certainly most millennials I encounter are ripping off that era as fast as their iPad-laden hands can grab.) For your pleasure and edification, I was there (and then), and I reflect.
The film was considered a bit intense for family audiences, but it was much less violent than the original script. In one
There's been no indication that "Gremlins" director Joe Dante or writer Chris Columbus will return, and really all we know
Horror films are almost immediately associated with the trope of killing the token minority -- the colloquial understanding that "the black guy dies first." With Halloween in mind, we took a look at 25 horror movies randomly selected from the most popular films across Rotten Tomatoes and Netflix.