Greta Thunberg

Climate activist Greta Thunberg told the world's business leaders at the virtual World Economic Forum, usually held in Davos, that the time for "small steps in the right direction" to deal with climate change is over.
Joe Biden, Greta Thunberg, Amanda Gorman and Britney Spears join the Republican on Yale Law School librarian Fred Shapiro’s latest annual list.
Conspiracy theory-endorsing Boebert's response to Thunberg's "no more blah blah blah" comments outside COP26 backfired.
“Our hopes and dreams drown in their empty words and promises," the Swedish climate activist said.
The 18-year-old Swedish climate activist shared her thoughts on the dire Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.
"Greta Thunberg, best sniper on the net," one person responded on Twitter to the teen climate activist's post.
The teen climate activist burned the Texas Republican on Twitter after he evoked a nonsensical Trump quote involving Pittsburgh.
The 18-year-old climate activist tweeted a clapback to a dig Trump dished out to her in 2019.
Thunberg added, however, that world leaders needed to stop making nebulous net-zero promises and start reducing carbon emissions immediately.
“Chill Donald, Chill!” Climate activist Greta Thunberg recycled the patronizing words Donald Trump used to attack her in 2019.